Leaving the military? Think HGV; here’s why

by 1 May, 2019HGV Drivers

If you’re retiring from the military and looking for a new occupation, take a look at HGV Driving.

There’s a huge shortage for HGV drivers at the present (around 60,000) so this is an industry looking for the right people. The skills, determination and ability you will have displayed in the military will help you adapt very well to the driving industry.

Many from the military may not have considered driving, but have a think on these five reasons:

Help to find the right job

The Freight Transport Association (FTA) has admitted it’s looking into ways of getting more ex-servicemen into the industry. They feel personnel leaving the Armed Forces are ideally suited to a career in the logistics industry. The FTA aim to give people the opportunity to get back into a job, and an agency or company a brand new driver.

Good salary

A HGV driver job offers a great base salary due to the shortage of talent. According to recruitment website Total Jobs, The average salary for a HGV Class 1 licence is over £24,000 in the UK, with the highest earners working in London and the Midlands.

Plenty of opportunities

As we said, the UK has a shortage of 60,000 HGV drivers so there are plenty of opportunities for those new to the industry, and for those who’ve already trained to HGV Class 1 status. Bigfoot Recruitment is always looking for the right drivers in the Midlands and the South East. 

You may already be skilled

Some roles in the military may mean you already have the driver training and certificates enabling you to start driving right away. So you can get into the jobs market earlier giving you even more opportunities. And for those who need CPC training we have help at hand.

Lifestyle change

HGV driving means that unlike the military you won’t be away for months on end. Some HGV driver jobs may mean you’re away for full days rather than months, leaving you so much more time to enjoy with your family.

If you’re in the South East or Midlands

We’d love to hear from you. Bigfoot Recruitment is always on the lookout for new employees to fill our client vacancies. If you’re interested in a career in the HGV industry, contact us today.

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